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Apex Brickwork & Scaffolding Ltd


Has evolved over a number of years with the coming together of the directors and senior management from major bricklaying and construction companies to have formed what is now one of the fastest growing brickwork companies in the south of England.


The Team


Head of the Board Andrew Mcgill has a team of management working with him to provide all the attributes that make a strong professional committed player in the bricklaying field, together they have completed some of the largest and prestigious brickwork projects in the south of England with a wealth of knowledge over a combined total of 70 years


Company Goals


We believe we have found our niche in the subcontract bricklaying market as a medium sized company that is not looking to stretch themselves by offering a service they cannot provide like many do but giving total commitment on secured projects we have negotiated with our clients.




We have set our company ethos at being able to supply professional tailored  packages to suit each and all the different package requirements to the commercial and the domestic contractors in the industry, at a realistic competitive level during the current climate offering varied brickwork packages from Labour only to full Labour plant and materials and scaffolding, with our in house estimating and surveying department working together they are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to obtain the most efficient ways of any value engineering to obtain the most competitive price for our clients.


Labour force


At present we have to hand at any one time up to 150 bricklayers and labourers plus forklift drivers and banksman with slingers all of which been CSCS carded and skills tested before being employed by Apex we also pride our self as one of the few contractors who maintain employing at least one new apprentice each year.


At Contract


Every brickwork contract awarded will go through meticulous planning for labour and material requirements that have to interface with other trades and milestone dates within the main program our onsite bricklaying gangs are never more than 4 bricklayers without a charge hand who monitors their outputs and quality and reports back to the site supervisor who then carries out the ITPs which are then signed off by the main contractors site manager.


Client base


Due to the turbulent years in the industry of boom and bust 70s 80s and 90s we have looked to keep a 50- 50 work load of Commercial and domestic contracts, as you can see from our clients and projects to date we are maintaining this by being more focused on that as our goal rather than constantly seeking to increase turnover.





'Striving Forward with Health and Safety in Every Step'


Apex Brickwork & Scaffolding Ltd are a flourishing company, developing in all areas and that includes the health, safety and welfare of our staff and customers.


With expert information and instruction, as well as training, from our Health and Safety Advisors at Safety Services (UK) Ltd we are striving forward with a positive  health and safety culture in every step we take. Together we aim to maintain the health, safety and welfare of all that are effected by our working activities  and the surrounding environment .


Safety Services (UK) Ltd routinely inform us of updated legislation and best practices  guidance from industry leaders as well as regulatory organisations, with the objective of surpassing these together.


With this continual support in place, we train, inform and instruct our operatives in all areas of health and safety that may affect them, to meet our statutory and moral obligations as a forward thinking employer.


All our supporters, employees and consultants are encouraged to consult with Apex Brickwork Contracting on all areas of health, safety and welfare to constantly improve all Health and Safety records and our public image.  This ethos carries on during projects as well as the planning stage.


We actively engage with Safety Services (UK) Ltd on all of our contracts for all our health, safety and welfare concerns before undertaking any task, with all advice positively dealt with in advance of any operation commencing.


We endeavor to preserve a safe working environment that allows our staff to safely come to work, to their work safely and go home safely. We understand that this approach needs to flow through all, from directors to the newest member of staff, thus creating a productive working atmosphere with high retention and moral.


We will whenever possible use our experience, knowledge and support from Safety Services (UK) Ltd to join recognized nation Health and Safety movements within the construction industry. We are now accredited with CHAS, SMAS and Constructionline.


This positive approach from all at Apex Brickwork & Scaffolding Ltd, will ensure the goal of achieving the safest possible working location, with the minimalist impact  of our customers, the community and the local environment.



Health & Safety



“Apex Brickwork & Scaffolding have carried out numerous jobs for CALA SHC with very little issues, We have decided to procure both Brickwork & Scaffolding with our most recent package and this has worked very well in our favour. ”


“Martin Adair, CALA Homes (SHC)"

"Apex were brought in, after a bad experience with our previous bricklayer. This was probably the best decision we’ve made, the standard of work they are producing has far exceeded what we’ve done previously, their workforce has always been sufficient, and Apex have co-operated with us throughout and always been reasonable."


"Daniel Pearson, Berkeley Homes (Southern) Ltd"

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